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Our technology platform enables global travel brands to connect with hundreds of bus, airport transfer, train and ferry operators. Online travel agencies leverage our API to access the largest content, while ground transportation operators benefit from an end-to-end booking solution to reach a wider audience.

Supply teams

Integrations team

At the core of our operations, there is a seamless interaction with many external APIs, supported by a robust cluster housing thousands of microservices. With a specialized focus on the Ruby ecosystem, we handle both synchronous and asynchronous communication on a large scale. Our expertise extends to ensuring fault tolerance and monitoring system health and performance.

Content team

Our Content products focus on acquiring data at scale and automating all processes related to its maintenance. This ensures that when a new station is added in the system of a carrier, we automatically detect it, enhancing our network seamlessly. On one side, we shield carrier systems from the high load of requests originating from retailers. Simultaneously, we employ smart, AI-based algorithms to comprehend carrier pricing, guaranteeing that all prices provided to our retailers are consistently up-to-date.

Demand teams

Search Engine team

The Search Engine is one of Distribution’s core products, serving as the initial touch-point for the end-users. Search Engine experience is paramount in securing sales; it needs to be swift, offer optimal choices and guide the end-user through completing booking their ground transportation tickets. It can handle thousands of requests per second while leveraging Elixir’s capability to scale.

Platform team

Our Platform team enables the functionality of a booking system, including booking orchestration, invoicing, ticketing, and more. The tech stack consists of multiple services. For smaller business domains, we use dedicated microservices in Grape and Ruby, and for the bigger ones, we have services in Ruby on Rails.

E-commerce solutions teams

Online Booking Engine team

The team presents a customisable booking engine seamlessly integrated into our partners’ websites, enabling end-users to search, book and manage their ground transportation tickets without effort. The application demands rapid iterations owing to its rapid growth and high reliability. TypeScript powers our front end, while the back end relies on Ruby on Rails.

Payments team

A new team is being built! Are you looking forward to building your playground? Millions of customers use our payment service. Our goal is to use our payment methods for our global customers. We boost many integrations with payment systems and various fraud detection systems. Our front end is powered by TypeScript, while the back end relies on Ruby on Rails.

B2B solutions teams

Portal team

The Portal it’s the center hub of Distribusion where innovation integrates with accessibility. With improved insights into sales data and user-friendly features, it’s not just a back-office interface - it’s a versatile powerhouse of possibilities! Adopting microservices on the front-end approach enables seamless configuration of multiple teams and their services through a unified interface. On the back end, we employ Python and FastAPI.

Data team

Our data team develops revenue management and business intelligence solutions; including price optimization and capacity utilization. The features like dynamic pricing and seat inventory management are also managed by our Data team. Tech stacks being used within the team are Airflow, Kafka, Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery, Looker, and CatBoost.

Infrastructure teams

DevOps team

The main cloud computing platform being used in DT is Google Cloud. Google Kubertnetes engine serves as our execution platform for running microservices, and we employ a combination of GitLab CI and ArgoCD for the deployment. Our monitoring requirements are met with Prometheus, Grafana, and New Relic.

  • I greatly appreciate my company and team. My colleagues are always prepared to assist, offer support, and strive for improvement. We also have comfortable processes, especially considering that it is a startup. The organisation demonstrates understanding and accommodates various life circumstances effectively. Our HR department is particularly commendable, and the management as a whole is dedicated to fostering personal development and enhancing skills.

    Svetlana Erygina

    Software Engineer

  • I've been at DT for a couple of weeks. The recruitment process and onboarding experience have been really smooth. All the interviews were in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and despite my recruitment process starting during the holiday season, everything was managed very quickly and efficiently. During the 1st week, you get an onboarding process that gives you a clear picture of DT and teams.

    Sara Maldonado

    Senior QA Engineer

  • From the software standpoint, this system in Distribusion is architecturally complex to maintain high loads, which creates many challenges and interesting tasks to solve. Additionally, the processes are straightforward and meaningful, which contributes to a positive atmosphere.

    Artur Minnullin

    Lead Software Engineer

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